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My thoughts on the Christian Home-school book debate March 10, 2010

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Many of you by now have read about the Christian home-school book debate, for those of you who have not here is a link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,588260,00.html

Now for my thoughts on the debate, our Bill of rights give us the freedom of speech. Teaching the Christian view point is using our right to freedom of speech. The Bill of rights also guarantees us the right to exercise our religion freely, I personally think having a Christian science book is freedom of speech.

MSNBC has posted a poll at their site asking people if they think it is ok for Christian text books to dismiss the theory of evolution. I would like to encourage everyone to go and vote to support allowing everyone to use Christian Science text books: http://msnbc.newsvine.com/_question/2010/03/06/3986804-is-it-ok-for-home-school-textbooks-to-dismiss-the-theory-of-evolution

So far more than 21,000 people have voted and the allowing of Christian science books are almost tied with not allowing Christian science books. Please show support by voting in the poll to allow Christian science book!



1. galvanizingtruth - March 11, 2010

As long as a Christian science book actually teaches what evolution is, I have no problem. Show it’s shortcomings, by all means, but at least make sure it is taught. Otherwise, you’ll be a)mocked, b)dismissed, and c)completely ignorant. We need to know what we are talking about, we can’t go to a scientist and say they are wrong and have nothing to back up what we say.

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