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My thoughts on Facebook May 1, 2010

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I was reading the news today and I saw an article online about schools and students using social networking sites. This article said that a principle of a NJ school said that middle school students have no reason to be on any social networking site. I use Facebook to keep in contact with friends that don’t live near me so I have one good reason to be using Facebook.  So for today’s post I am going to share the good reasons why middle school students should be on social networking sites:

  1. Teens can keep in touch with other teens that don’t live near them. This is one reason I use Facebook.
  2. Teens can share family photos with family members that live far away.
  3. Teens can keep track of friends birthday’s and other events.
  4. Teens can get the latest updates on events to make sure they have not been canceled.
  5. Teens can learn from social networks. I have learned some cool facts from Facebook as I was watching what my friends liked.


1. Lindz - May 1, 2010

I agree that teens can use sites like these for good uses like you explained. However, many middle school students abuse this, such as the kids in my school. I don’t have a Facebook, but I know that the students created some hate pages for a certain teacher in my school. The school then went through everyone’s Facebook and found almost none were private, which is another problem I imagine.
Not to sound negative, Facebook and other sites can be great, just thought I would list some cons.

ibradsiblog - May 1, 2010

True, but because some students wrongly use social networking sites should they tell every parent to close down students social networking pages?

2. Lindz - May 1, 2010

No, of course not. They should tell the parents to monitor their children’s accounts though, as my school did.

3. BethAnn - May 1, 2010

Although I do not have a facebook, I check my sisters and see what our friends are up to. It’s nice. But, one person I know is rebelling against his parents and God, and is putting up stuff on facebook that is sad. Started using bad words, joining bad groups etc. What a sad thing. Then there are these people using it to tstay connected. And when I get one, I am so going to be careful what I do, as not to effect my example of Christ. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “oh this is ok.” but yet you would be embarressed for certian people to see it. I do not think this school is right in wanting everyone to stop using it. It can be a wonderful tool. You can witness to people, maybe not directly but by setting a good example in what you do. I have gotten to see pictures of people I would have never seen unless via facebook. That’s awesome. We just need to watch what we are doing and be very careful of the example we are setting.

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