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Be different! May 18, 2010

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Different, according to Wikitionary it is defined as “not the same, unlike others.” Now being different is sometimes a good thing, well the different I am talking about is. Now over the past few weeks I have been told I was different many times. The few times I have been told I was different this week was when I shared “I have never been to an amusement park” and when I shared “I have no plans on getting married at all” So for today’s post I want to challenge you to be different.

So first let me describe different, different is the opposite of what you would call your normal. Normal teens are what most adults think “teens” are. That is part of what the Rebelution is about, its about rising above what people call a normal teen.

Now I would like to share a verse about being different. Sometimes people think it is odd when teens have friends that are older then them. The Bible says that it is a good thing that we have friends that are older then us

Proverbs 13:20 (New International Version)

20 He who walks with the wise grows wise,
but a companion of fools suffers harm.

Now to finish this post I would to encourage you to be different, it may be hard at times, you may be fun of but it is worth it to be uncommon for Christ.



1. BethAnn - May 20, 2010

Great thoughts Brad. Stephanie and I talked about this a while back, and her words were,
“If normal is what the average teen is, aka dealing with depression, sex, drugs, et cetera, then strange sounds pretty good to me”

That sums up my thought very well. 🙂

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