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Being a Panda Cloud Antivirus Forum Power Mod! May 26, 2010

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Some of you may know this but some of you may now so I will just make sure everyone knows everything first. It may spare time I play around with computer security products, so I tried Panda Cloud AV and liked it so I stayed on the PCAV (Panda Cloud Antivirus) forums and helped people on the site with questions so after a few months I got promoted to Power Mod (Actually the term changed a few times I went from helper to expert to mod, to power user, to Power Mod, and now today they picked the final name; Trusted Mod) so I have been helping out around there.

So now some of you are wondering “What do I do as Trusted Mod”? So I will explain part of what I do. Most of the time is spent answering users questions, I don’t keep track of how many I answer a day but all 5 of the Trusted Mods answer some questions daily. We also write guides for users, plus we get to discuss with the Panda staff idea’s for the software. Actually one of my idea’s for the software was added to the next version of the software (v1.1) but I can not share with you till it has been released. We also have the right to send in a idea for a blog post and if it gets approved it gets posted on the Panda labs blog. I have not sent in any ideas yet but if I get posted on the site I will share a link to it on here.

So that’s one way I spend my free time!



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