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Software Review: Winpatrol May 27, 2010

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Today is going to be the first of a few software reviews. The lucky first program to be reviewed is Winpatrol.  http://www.winpatrol.com/ by BillP Studios is a small yet powerful system watcher. Winpatrol patrols your Windows Startup programs, scheduled tasks, ActiveX controls, IE helpers, services, active tasks, and has many other nice tools tha come in handy.

Winpatrol comes in two versions Winpatrol FREE and Winpatrol PLUS. The major difference in the current version in real time checking and polling. The free version of Winpatrol uses polling and checks you PC every x mins. The Pro version using real time checking and can alert you when PC changes happen as soon as they happen. The PLUS version also contains in online database of files you can check what files are and if they are needed at startup.

Winpatrol is very effective, it is silent when nothing is happening and barks with changes happen. I can tell Winpatrol is very silent till I make changes to my PC. A few times Adobe has updated in the background without alerting me and Winpatrol started barking alerting me that changes were being made and asked if I wanted to deny the changes. You may be wondering why I say Winpatrol barks, the Winpatrol Tray Icon is a small dog when it detects changes the Winpatrol alert also plays a barking sound.

Winpatrol PLUS cost 29.95 (I got it for $0.99 at the one time only sale) and since I bought it I will say its 100% worth it. I will give it a 10/10 for being a great value and a great tool.



1. anthony h. - May 28, 2010

Hey Brad.

Like your blog. Tech is actually one of my weaknesses. Can’t stop reading about it x3 .

Love how you mix Christianity/life/tech. If/when I start my tech blog I’ll let you know.

Winpatrol looks neat, but I can’t imagine having a dog barking at me any time something happens. Spybot is similar, and I’ve used it before. But if you’ve got antivirus you should be okay without an alerter.

2. ibradsiblog - May 29, 2010


Yeah my first thought was to start a blog just about computer security but I decided I will start by including it in this blog.

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